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What kind of lightworker are you?


Lightworkers are special souls sent to help raise the planet's vibration and aid humanity. There are 10 different types of lightworkers, each with their own unique gifts and missions. These include Divine Lightkeepers, Grid Workers and Gatekeepers, Healers, Transmuters, Messengers, Seers, Psychics, Clairvoyants, Dreamers or Astral Travelers, Ascension Guides, Wayshowers, and Divine Blueprint Creators and Manifestors. Lightworkers play an important role in serving humanity and the planet, and by connecting with their higher self, they can discover their unique journey and mission. Which one are you?

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"You really are inspirational as well as informative - and I truly mean that from the very bottom of my heart."

- Kimberly

"I've gotten some of the best advice from Jennifer, literally life-changing."

- Sarah

“Jennifer is personable and forms connections with her audience. Everyone can relate to something she says or something she has done. 😊”

— Mary

“Jennifer is Amazing to work with. She’s points out truths we seek to hide and in willingness to work with ourselves we find out why we strive to avoid truths about ourselves and why we get stuck. I’m very grateful for Jen and the space she creates.”

- April

"I love doing meditations that clear or bring light to my chakras. I have a lot of trouble with my throat Chakra being blocked when I try to visualize light entering and I love feeling that open up." 

- Carol

"Thank you so much. This was great! I think the full moon/new moon idea is awe4some! Just what I needed today."

- Kimberly

Jennifer is a powerful healer that guided me to uncover an emotion, hopelessness, that belonged to two of my ancestors. Her intuition is strong as she picked up on a failed marriage where the woman felt hopeless; this is an accurate depiction of my (now passed) grandmother. In the session, she clearly shared a tool I could fall back on when the emotion reared its head again in my day. Since the reiki session, I repeated Hoʻoponopono many times to work through the remnants of the emotion. Our work left me light and buzzy with happiness. I highly recommend working with Jen if you are in need of support and want to feel 'unstuck.' - Olivia

“Let me tell you things I struggled with prior to working with Jennifer.

1) Self-conscious - I was fine until I thought that someone was actually listening to me. Then I became extremely self-conscious and stopped talking.

2) Feared speaking in front of strangers - there’s more to it than just being self-conscious. It is stage fright too. What if I mess up? What if I fart? All the what if’s —-

3) Lack of motivation - I just didn’t care. Sure, I wanted and needed peace of mind and other things too. I was too lazy to get motivated. Jennifer helped me to find my self-worth again. She helped me to realize that what I had to offer was important and beneficial. It’s okay if only one person benefits from what I have to offer. That one could make a difference.

Since then, I have begun stepping up and stepping out. I’ve learned some marketing strategies that aren’t hard or complicated and I make them work. It’s amazing to see the difference of before and after. I get up every day and utilize the basic steps she gave me to expound upon. And, the best part, is knowing that she is still there if I need her. Jennifer is a great asset to anyone struggling to put their plans into motion.”

- Joni Neona Phoenix

“Jen was an amazing help with identifying some trapped emotions that were causing me some physical pain in my lower back, and helping to ease the pain they were causing. Our session involved using various techniques to help identify a deep emotional trauma from around 20 years ago, a timeline clearing from around the time it happened until the present, and some reiki to realign my chakras and energetic body as a whole. The day after our session, while meditating, I felt what seemed to be a packet of energy move up my back. Over the following weeks, I had a much higher level of emotional purging (mostly in the form of crying) that normal - which I attributed to this trapped emotional energy finally being released. Of most interest to me was my lower back pain, which definitely eased up since our session. The pain has not gone away fully, but it has got noticeably better. It is my understanding that I've got lots of trapped energy to release, and each future session should help to ease the pain further. I'd definitely recommend Jen to anyone that's serious about their own healing.” - Mark

Product Description:

Lightworkers are special souls sent here with the purpose of raising the planet's vibration and helping humanity. They are on the ascension path, constantly seeking self-growth and meaning in their journey. No two lightworkers are alike and each one has a unique mission. Some may choose to become spiritual teachers or healers, while others may live a normal life and work a corporate job. But all lightworkers play an important role in serving humanity and the planet.


In this post, we'll explore 10 different types of lightworkers and their unique gifts. See if you resonate with any of these types:

  1. Divine Lightkeeper: These lightworkers maintain a high vibrational frequency and embody the light, even in difficult times. Their mission is to neutralize chaos and share their light to help humanity awaken and move towards peace.
  2. Grid Workers and Gatekeepers: These lightworkers work with the energy grids and interdimensional gates on Earth. Grid workers clean and transmute negative energy, while gatekeepers open new doorways to allow higher levels of light and love to flow.
  3. Healers: Most healers are empaths and highly sensitive individuals. They work on healing humans, the earth, animals, and all beings. The work of healing starts with self-healing, and lightworkers must raise their own vibration and fill themselves with light to heal others.
  4. Transmuters: These lightworkers neutralize karma and transmute negative energy into light. They may have a broader focus or a specific focus, such as ancestral lines. Their mission is to help others raise their vibration and level up.
  5. Messengers: These lightworkers receive messages from spirit guides, angels, and ancestors and share them with the world through writing, teaching, public speaking, or the arts. They serve humanity in their awakening process.
  6. Seers, Psychics, Clairvoyants: These lightworkers can see beyond the physical and have opened their third eye. They provide readings and guidance to inspire, empower, and guide others.
  7. Dreamers or Astral Travelers: These lightworkers access alternate dimensions and interdimensional travel during dream time. They connect with their higher selves and interpret dream messages to grow and learn.
  8. Ascension Guides: These lightworkers are actively working towards ascension and guiding others through the process. They have overcome their own struggles and share their learnings with others.
  9. Wayshowers: These lightworkers have found inner peace and live awakened and inspired lives. They set an example for others by embodying the ascension process and vibrating at a higher frequency.
  10. Divine Blueprint Creators and Manifestors: These lightworkers tune into their unique divine blueprint and retrieve the codes of awakening. They focus on the highest interest of all and weave light to promote positive change on Earth.


So there you have it - 10 types of lightworkers. Which one do you resonate with? Remember, regardless of which type you connect with, you have an important role on this planet. By connecting with your higher self, you will discover your unique mission and journey.


We have a special apparel collection just for lightworkers like you!


Love and Light.



  1. Lightworkers are not just limited to one religion or spiritual belief system. They can come from any background and belief.
  2. Lightworkers often have a deep sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference in the world.
  3. Many lightworkers have had a spiritual awakening or awakening experience that led them to their mission.
  4. Lightworkers often have a strong connection to the natural world and animals.
  5. Lightworkers can have a variety of gifts and talents, including healing, psychic abilities, or artistic talents.
  6. Lightworkers often have a strong sense of empathy and compassion for others.
  7. Lightworkers can be found in all walks of life, from spiritual teachers to corporate executives.
  8. Lightworkers may have experienced a lot of challenges in their lives, but they use these experiences to help others.
  9. Lightworkers often have a deep connection to their spiritual guides, angels, and ancestors.
  10. Lightworkers play an important role in helping to raise the vibration of the planet and aid in the awakening of humanity.


These are just a few of the many interesting facts about lightworkers. It's amazing to see the positive impact they have on the world and the people around them!


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