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Jennifer Whittington is available for podcast interviews, virtual events, brand collaborations, live speaking engagements, and more!


Here is Jennifer's Collaborating and Media Page. Jennifer is all about building relationships with other lightworkers who came here to help build the New Earth. She is enthusiastic about sharing her products, messages, and services with those who are aligned with her mission - Raise the Vibration of the Planet and Build the New Earth Together! If you have an event, message, or product you'd like her to share with her audience (Instagram, Newsletter, YouTube Channel, etc…) please use the following information to see if she fits your business's brand message.


Please email contact@riseinnerversity.com to share details about your business, your collaboration, and details of what you have in mind.


If you have already spoken to Jennifer and she is booked for an event with you, please use the information below to help you build your campaign.


If you have a product you’d like her to use/share with her audience, please email to:


contact@riseinnerversity.com for further details


  • All product collaboration opportunities should be emailed to discuss prior to mailing.


*Topics that Jennifer speaks on (but not limited to):

⇴ Fifth Dimensional Living and New Earth Leadership

⇴ Traveling the New Earth

⇴ Rediscovering Who You Are (Healing Body, Mind & Soul)

⇴ Empire Building (Building Your Dream Life &/Or Business)

⇴ Mindset & the Power of the Mind

⇴ Universal Laws/Law of Attraction

⇴ Holistic Health and Wellness (Healing with Plant Medicine)

⇴ The New Earth - Rise of The Rainbow Warriors



Jennifer is interested in representing/sharing/using products that are:

⇴ holistic, natural, healing, non-toxic

⇴ eco, wellness and retreat based travel

⇴ high vibrational fashion-forward (shoes/clothes/jewelry) - Upcycles 

⇴ spiritual, high vibrational, creating for the new earth

⇴ useful, aesthetic-pleasing


Jennifer is known as the Empire Heyoka, a Quantum Shamanic Cacao Practioner, Soulpreneur, Headmistress at R.I.S.E. Innerversity, and Concious Travel Specialist at New Earth Excursion. She specializes in helping people reconnect body, mind, and soul so that they can achieve their highest potential in themselves and their business. Her clients have amazing success by implementing simple everyday habits and focusing on self-love and an abundance mindset. She is here to help others pave the way for the New Earth.


Struggling in any area of your life or business? Book a Complimentary Clarity Call and see how she can help.

Name For Headlines: Jen, The Empire Heyoka


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