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As we dig deeper into the true nature of "reality," it is becoming clear that the separation of body, mind, and spirit is an illusion. These are all merely aspects of one thing or being. Spiritual metaphysics takes us closer to understanding and applying this information in our everyday lives.


Intuitive readings are a wonderful way to gain insight into what is happening in your life. You won't get a lot of New Age, touchy-feeling stuff from us - but straightforward information that you can use to create the life you desire!

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To prepare for an intuitive reading I ask you to handwrite questions and/or topics of interest you may have. What areas do you want to focus on and what intensions would you like to set? Please have this with for your session. This process helps to open you up energetically as I often pick up on the topics/questions before you verbally address them.


Please make sure you are seated in a quiet, undisturbed space with an adequate WiFi connection. If you do not have adequate WiFi, please consider a different location for your session(s) as any time missed due to poor connection will not be made up.


When we connect via zoom, I will share with you what to expect logistically from the session and will start the time together by bringing you through a short (2-3 minute) grounding experience and welcome in your guides. I will then deliver any information that comes in for you. There will be time to address questions you may have.


Please know I have been nurturing an international practice for years. Your physical location (distance from my office) is not a factor as this work is energy-based.


Every session is different. Some examples of what may come up: information about your physical body, recommendations for tools to find balance and alignment, referrals, Ayurvedic medicine, soul contracts, messages from spiritual guides and/or deceased loved ones, past life visions, and how they relate to your current life or circumstances, past/present/future information, aura reading, animal medicine around you, etc.


I trust that what comes through the session is what you need at a soul level. I allow my guides to show me what tools will be needed for the session.


Although I do not limit myself to the type of information that can come through and there are no “wrong questions” you could ask, I do not have a magical crystal ball. I work for Spirit and simply share what Spirit shares. Many people come in to see me with questions related to anything from business inquiries, relationships, health issues, creative endeavors, career shifts, etc. Others simply schedule time with me based on a calling or curiosity they have.


I am firm on my integrity of you following your own internal wisdom and may ask you questions to encourage you to be your own healer and remind you that you have free will.


To “read energy” is to read it in the present, the here and now.


By scheduling a session with me, you understand I am not a medical doctor nor do I diagnose, treat or prevent any condition or advise you to alter or change any medications and always recommend you continue to see your doctor(s) and medical professionals. Please See Our Disclaimer For Further Details & our Terms & Conditions

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Virtual Parties or group sittings can be a great way of celebrating that special event or just an excuse to get friends together virtual. People are sometimes nervous about getting their first reading and a party or group is a good way of doing this in the comfort of your own home. Readings can be on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. Click Here For More Details


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