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Join us as we celebrate the power of vulnerability and authenticity. We're looking for real people who are willing to share their truth and inspire others to do the same. At RISE Innerversity, we believe that we are all connected and that we each bring our own unique perspective to the table.


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What is Rooted Publishing House?

Rooted is our publishing house for RISE Innerversity. RISE Innerversity is a tribe of unity, helping one another achieve oneness within ourselves and TOGETHER as a whole. When you join this spiritual community, you become part of a spiritual family. Here is where people come together to share what they’ve been through, what they’ve learned, and how they are helping the collective! If you have a story to share about the creation of your spiritual business, would like to journal about your experiences as you create it, or have spiritual messages to help create a ripple effect, then we would love to have you as a contributor.


At RISE Innerversity, we believe that everyone has a unique purpose and mission to fulfill, and it's our mission to support and guide our students in stepping into their calling and excelling in their missions. Our innovative curriculum and community support system help individuals uncover their hidden potential and unlock their full potential.


Through Rooted Publishing House, we are committed to helping our students and other Light Warriors share their gifts and stories with the world. We offer a supportive and collaborative environment where individuals can hone their skills, develop their voices, and reach a global audience. Our goal is to empower our members to share their gifts, and make a positive impact in the world.


We invite you to join us in creating a new earth together. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to showcase your services and artistic talents through writing for our blog, Rooted Publishing House. Our supportive community and expert guidance provide a platform for you to promote your work and reach those seeking to build a better world. Take the first step towards fulfilling your mission and contributing to a brighter future by sharing your gifts with the world. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring forth a new earth filled with love and light.

How We Publish

Every contributor’s article is published on the homepage of our website and inside our Digital Magazine, Rooted.


Your article also gets posted on our:


Why write for the RISE Innerversity Digital Magazine, Rooted?

Step into a new dimension of marketing and join the movement of building the New Earth with RISE Innerversity. As a holistic leader of tomorrow, you deserve a platform to showcase your expertise and promote your services to a thriving community. That's why we offer a FREE service for all our students and a low-cost option for those who are not enrolled.


Our approach to Fifth Dimensional Marketing is unique, putting collaboration at the forefront. We provide a designer platform for our leaders to highlight their gifts and reach a global audience through our powerful social media presence.


Ready to take your business to the next level? At RISE Innerversity, we don't just feature your business on our website, we empower you to grow it. With access to online courses, group coaching, and more, you'll have the skills and tools you need to build a successful business. Don't wait, join us today and make a lasting impact on the New Earth. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

How to Get Started?

To be considered as a contributor, simply fill out the form and let us know how you'd like to contribute - blog, vlog, advertisements or any other format that showcases your unique skills. Our team will review your submission and get back to you within two weeks.


ARTICLES: Please note, we will only make minor changes to your article title to optimize it for search engines and Pinterest. We don't edit articles, so please make sure to proofread your submission before sending it to us. If your article is rejected, we'll let you know what needs to be fixed so that it can be approved and published.


ADVERTS: If you're interested in promoting your spiritual products or services through Rooted, you can do so by submitting your advertisement through the form. Simply upload your images and any other materials you'd like to include.


We're passionate about creating a supportive community of individuals who want to make a difference, and we're always looking for new ways to help our members share their gifts with the world. If you know someone who would be a great fit, please feel free to share this page with them. Together, we can build a better world!

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**By sending an email to us at this address, you consent to your submission being publicly shared on the website, blog, and associated social media platforms. Please note that your submission does not create any affiliation between yourself, your business, website, or anything else, with RISE Innerversity or Rooted Publishing House. For further information, please refer to our legal section.



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The Empire Heyoka (Jen), the mastermind behind Rooted Publishing House and the driving force behind RISE Innerversity, is on a mission to empower Light Warriors to step into their calling and create the New Earth. To learn more about her incredible journey and discover how she is helping others do the same, visit her website by clicking below. Immerse yourself in her world of inspiration and growth, and join the movement of sovereign leaders today!

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