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Our services are crafted to meet the unique needs of spiritual entrepreneurs, consultants, holistic practitioners, transformational coaches, and light warriors. I understand that you are on a sacred journey of personal and professional growth, and my mission is to provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed.


Whether you are just beginning your spiritual business journey or seeking to take it to the next level, I offer empowering support that aligns with your values and vision. My goal is to help you develop a spiritual brand that resonates with your soul's purpose, connect with your aligned market, and implement marketing strategies that align with your higher self.


As a light warrior, you are called to lead, manage, and grow your empire in a way that serves both yourself and the collective consciousness. My services are designed to help you achieve this while remaining in harmony with your spiritual beliefs and practices. With guidance, you can confidently and profitably bring your unique gifts and services to the world and create a thriving spiritual business that reflects your true essence.


As a fellow spiritual seeker, I understand the importance of creating a business that reflects your unique path and vision. Let's work together to uncover your business's true purpose, and develop a plan that will help you achieve your mission.


Let's take your EMPIRE to the next level! Book a FREE consultation with me today, and let's explore how I can align your business with your mission.

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Spiritual Business Building: Unleash Your Full Potential with Intuitive Guidance, Human Design, Astrology, NLP, and More!

I believe in the power of spirituality for EMPIRE BUILDING. Using intuitive guidance, human design, astrology, NLP, and other techniques, I specialize in helping you create a business that aligns with your unique purpose and mission.


My approach is to understand your individual design, strengths, and weaknesses, so you can build a fulfilling, successful business that reflects your path and values. We incorporate spiritual practices to help you communicate effectively with your team and clients, and align your business with the natural cycles of the universe.

With my guidance, you can unlock your true potential and achieve authentic success. Let's create a business that embodies your unique design, values, and goals, and is supportive, productive, and aligned with your vision.

I'm Your Partner in Achieving Spiritual Business Success - Here's How We Do It

  • Empire Consulting

    • Helping businesses align their growth with their higher purpose and values.
    • Assisting companies in building a business plan that aligns with their spiritual beliefs and values.
    • Providing advice that aligns with the spiritual principles of abundance, integrity, and sustainability.

  • Social Media

    • Developing intuitive social media campaigns to reach your tribe.
    • Creating engaging content that resonates with followers and encourages them to share and interact with the brand.
    • Analyzing social media metrics to track the success of campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.

  • Blog & Copywriting Services

    • Writing content that speaks to the spiritual values of a brand, creating a deeper connection with the audience.
    • Utilizing storytelling and narrative techniques to communicate the brand's message in a way that inspires and uplifts readers.
    • Creating content that aligns with the principles of authenticity, compassion, and self-reflection, providing readers with a unique and meaningful experience.

  • Web Design

    • Creating websites that embody a brand's spiritual values and beliefs, providing a virtual space that resonates with their audience.
    • Ensuring websites are designed with the intention to make a positive impact on visitors, providing a unique and uplifting experience.
    • Incorporating web design elements that support the brand's spiritual mission and goals, bringing a sense of harmony and balance to the online presence.

  • Marketing Automation

    • Creating automated marketing campaigns that align with a brand's spiritual values and intentions.
    • Utilizing marketing automation to communicate with audiences in a personalized, meaningful way that creates a deeper connection with the brand.
    • Integrating spiritual principles, such as mindfulness and gratitude, into marketing automation to create an authentic and uplifting experience for customers.

  • Graphic Design

    • Creating visually stunning designs that embody the spiritual values and mission of a brand.
    • Utilizing design elements that resonate with the brand's audience, evoking a sense of peace, harmony, and balance.
    • Incorporating sacred geometry, symbols, and other spiritual elements into designs to create a unique and powerful visual experience.

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Unlocking Your Business's True Potential with Human Design Principles

Incorporating human design into your business strategy can help you gain a deeper understanding of your unique skills, challenges, and decision-making processes and how they impact your overall success. By understanding your individual design, you can make more informed decisions about how to structure your business, build a cohesive team, and create an effective strategy that reflects your values and goals.

Gain a deeper understanding of your unique strengths, weaknesses, and decision-making processes, which can help you make more informed decisions and avoid potential roadblocks.

Incorporate human design principles into your marketing and branding strategy to attract clients and customers who resonate with your unique approach and values.

Create a business strategy that reflects your unique design, values, and goals, which can help you stay true to yourself and attract the right opportunities and clients that align with your business's mission.

Discover the Magic Within: Dive Deeper into the Empire Heyoka's Unique Spiritual Business Building Approach

Unlock Your Purpose and Achieve Success with Jen's Spiritual Business Building Approach. As a transformational coach, Jen helps entrepreneurs align their businesses with their soul's purpose through intuitive guidance, human design, astrology, NLP, and other spiritual techniques.


By honing a powerful vision and using spiritual practices to make it a reality, you can create a business that generates financial abundance and brings fulfillment, joy, and meaning.


Ready to tap into the magic within and unleash your full potential? Contact Jen today!

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